Danish Design Orange 2-in-1 Dog Coat


This great dog coat is unique to Danish Design, the 2-in-1 Dog Coat is the first convertible coat for dogs! With its removable Polar Fleece liner, this coat is superb for both the winter and warmer months. For winter warmth, attach the Polar Fleece liner to the coat with the easy fit Velcro strips. When it’s warmer, remove the fleece and the coat converts to a light raincoat.

This Danish Design 2-in-1 coat also features full chest protection, light reflective beading and a light reflective fastening strap for extra safety on cold, dark nights. This 2 in 1 dog coat also comes with rear leg straps which are built in to help prevent side slippage. Great for active dogs!

The coat comes in a variety of sizes so is suitable for all breeds. Simply measure your dog's back from the withers (also known as shoulder blades/nape) to the base of their tail. Make sure not to measure from the collar as the coat will be the wrong size. We also have a full compliment of colours available to choose from including black and high visibility. This product has received over 500 reviews at an average of 5 stars – a very popular and well-liked product by all our customers!

Fabric & Care information:

  • Lining made from Polar Fleece fabric which is machine washable
  • Outer made from waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric
  • Reflective fastening straps for easy visibility in low light improving safety
  • Both the waterproof outer and fleece inner are machine washable at 30ºC

What sizes are available?

  • 11 sizes available from 10 inches to 30 inches covering most dog breeds
  • Measure your dog's back from the withers/shoulder blades to the base of their tail
  • See our size guide for more information
  • Full chest protection
  • Removable fleece inner lining
  • Thermal comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Light reflective beading and fastening strap

Available in: Black, Grey, Orange & Khaki.

Sizes - 25cm/10″  30cm/12″  35cm/14″  40cm/16″   45cm/18″  50cm/20″  55cm/22″   60cm/24″   65cm/26″   70cm/28″   75cm/30″


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