Hunter Manoa Vario Quick Light Harness


The Hunter Manoa Vario Quick Light harness is lightweight and strong and offers the highest level of comfort. It has soft padding and can adapt perfectly to your dog’s body shape thanks to its adjustable stomach and chest straps. Two D-rings for attaching the lead also ensure that it pulls evenly with the same tension on both sides of the chest. The harness is extremely comfortable – the padding means that it doesn’t chafe or cut in, even when your dog tugs on the lead, making it ideal for outdoor activities like cycling, jogging or hiking. Reflective strips sewn into the harness make it highly visible in the dark.

The mesh material is easy to clean and dries very quickly. This is especially handy after a walk in the rain or if your dog likes to jump into puddles! The click fastening on the back can be used with one hand, which makes it simple to put the harness on and take it off. A sophisticated accessory with the usual Hunter quality, this harness combines practicality with comfort and elegance.


  • Small - Chest Size 45cm-55cms - Strap Width 27mm
  • Medium - Chest Size 55cm-65cms - Strap Width 33mm
  • Large Chest Size 65cm-75cms - Strap Width 33mm
  • Extra Large Chest Size 75cm-85cms - Strap Width 33mm
  • XXL - Chest Size 85cm-95cms - Strap Width 33mm

The Hunter Manoa Vario Quick Light Harness features:

  • Comfortable dog harness
  • Made of mesh material: particularly soft, lightweight, and strong
  • 2 D-rings at the top: pulls evenly on both sides of the chest
  • Adjustable stomach and chest straps: fits perfectly to your dog’s body shape
  • Ideal for sport and outdoor activities: the soft padding prevents chafing or cutting in, great for cycling, jogging or hiking
  • Quick-drying: handy for rainy walks or for dogs who love playing in water
  • Easy to take on and off: using the click fastening on the back
  • Easy to clean
  • Reflective strips for extra safety
  • Material:
    • Harness: mesh/polyester
    • Click fastening: plastic
    • Rings: nickel-plated steel
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