Anxiety Dog Tonic from Woof & Brew


You are probably reading this thinking - Really?? Dog Teas and Tonics for Dogs! Just think of how a Camomile calms us down.  Woof & Brew have come up with the same thing but for dogs. Anxiety Dog Tonic is ideal for using as a daily natural calmant for anxious or nervous dogs, or before stressful situations such as fireworks or car journeys. It provides naturally calming & settling qualities that support both the mental and physical well-being of dogs.

Additional information and key product features:

  • Woof & Brew Anxiety Herbal Tonic (330ml).
  • Formulated to use as a daily natural calmant for anxious and nervous dogs.
  • Caffeine Free
  • Suitable for dogs over 4 months old.
  • 60 Servings per Bottle.

    Contains the following active ingredients:

    Devil’s Claw – eases aches and pains as well as stress and tension.
    Skullcap – promotes calmness and relaxes anxious dogs.
    Astragalus – helps support the immune system that can be suppressed in anxious dogs.
    Lime Flower – a natural calmant that also helps to support blood pressure and muscle movement.
    Orange Flower – helps to calm, soothe and promotes emotional balance.
    Lavender – another natural calming herb that helps your dog cope with modern day stresses, such as travelling.
    Rose Petals – calming and promote positive feelings, suitable for dogs that become nervous in new environments.

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