Fernie's Choice of Pubs, Walks, Hotels & Food!

Hello there!!

We decided to start a new blog as Mum takes me everywhere and I mean everywhere...Trains, Cars, Buses, Pubs, B&B's, Hotels, Kayaks, Walking & Hiking and of course my favourite... is that she bakes home made treats for me!!  So I wanted to share with you all of my adventures and would like to know all about yours!

Lets start with the weekend just gone - 

I had the best Sunday Roast at the Rose & Crown in Cuckfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Main course was of course...Roast Beef, Roasties, mashed parsnips (not bad) and carrots! I must say it was one of the best Sunday lunches I've had outside of Mum's kitchen!!

I just wanted to thank Simon & Mark for a lovely lunch!! Highly recommend and we (us canines) are allowed in the main bar and also 1 half of the other restaurant! Hurrah!

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