Product Care

The following information is a guide on the best way to care for and prolong the life of your Mutts & Hounds products.

Collars & Leads: Dry brush any dried dirt from the product then use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt. Use detergent on a damp cloth to gently sponge away any marks on the fabric part of the collar only. Do not machine wash. To care for your leather avoid getting it wet wherever possible, tissue dry and allow to dry naturally (do not use a radiator or heat source). Leather will naturally soften and darken with use. To care for the hardware avoid getting wet wherever possible and dry thoroughly with tissue if any part does come into contact with mud or water. Over time, due to the vigerous nature in which the collars and leads are used, hardware can loose it's silver colouring.

Tweed Coats: Hand wash recommended. In the case of machine-wash; wash at 30 degrees and do not spin or tumble dry. Tweed coats can be ironed on a medium heat avoiding the collar.

Waterproof Coats: Waxed and quilted coats must dot be machine washed. Dry brush were possible or spot clean with a cold damp cloth. Do not use detergent. Do not iron.

Harnesses: Machine wash at 30 degrees and do not spin or tumble dry. Iron on a medium heat avoiding the webbing and D ring.

Neckerchiefs: Machine wash at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry. Iron on a medium heat.

Donut Beds: Machine wash at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry, beds should fit in most standard sized domestic machines. Dry thoroughly in airing cupboard or againt radiator.

Pillow Beds: Remove cover and turn inside out. Machine wash at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry. Iron on reverse.

Cushions: Remove cover and turn inside out. Machine wash at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry. Iron on reverse.

Blankets: Dry clean only recommended.

Wear and tear:  Please check your dog’s products regularly for any signs of damage. When a product begins to show signs of wear they should be removed from your dog. In particular dog toys should be removed once torn open to remove choking hazard and harnesses, collars and leads should no longer be used if the they show any signs of damage. All dog products should only be used under supervision and at the owners discretion.

Cleaning and Care of your Faux Fur Throws

It is easy to care for your Faux Fur, and we always recommend that you dry clean, using Specialist Cool Dry Cleaning Process   

Our Faux Furs are hand washable in lukewarm (almost cold) water using a gentle, mild, ‘for hand washing’ soap powder. You can machine wash our Faux Fur on ‘delicate’ cycle. However, it is often the backing on the throws/fashions that limits machine or hand washing. For example, our Faux Suedes are hand or machine washable (lukewarm or ‘delicate’ cycles) but Velvets, Satins, Printed Velvets and Crushed Velvets can shrink slightly and do crease in the washing process. Heat must not be applied to Faux Fur so it is impossible to iron and even the smallest amount of shrinkage can cause the product to look misshapen. Spot cleaning with cold water and/or gentle soap is the best way for small areas - for a thorough cleaning we recommend dry cleaning. Also, if you are buying one of our larger throws or a throw that has Faux Fur on both sides it will be very heavy when wet and quite difficult to lift.


That is, do not use a dryer or radiator, or place in front of a fire to dry. The best way to dry is to lay flat or hang over a line. This is because the product used to create the fabulously natural sheen on the faux fur is very susceptible to heat and any heat application will ruin the faux fur fabric.

To summarise: we do not recommend washing or machine washing our throws and advise that washing our throws will invalidate your 12 month warrantee against defective products. After all, would you wash your favourite fur or suede coat?! If you follow these simple guidelines your faux fur product will last many years, if not a lifetime. Cushion covers may be machine or hand washed in lukewarm water or on the ‘delicate’ cycle in your washing machine and dried flat or on a line. After washing, raise the pile by gently brushing with a soft hairbrush. NEVER use any bleaches, harsh cleaning products or cleaning chemicals, and do NOT tumble dry. Individual cleaning instructions will be sent out with each product.

Pet Blankets

Wash on 'delicates' and dry naturally. your product will come up perfect time after time. Gently brush the fur while damp to remove any creases.

Massage Mitts.

Please do not use with any oils or creams as they will be almost impossible to remove even with washing.