Harvest Mites - Seasonal Creepy Crawlies!

  • By Caroline Denholm

The small orange/yellow larvae of harvest mites often cause seasonal skin problems, during late summer and autumn. They feed on tissue fluid and may cause considerable itchy skin and discomfort to dogs and cats.

they are found all over the UK and may be found in large amounts.  They are usually found in woodland, parks and gardens on areas of earth, long grass and even low bushes and plants. 

Signs to look out for:

Clusters of small red-orange coloured 'dust' attached to hairs,. often in the small pouch on the edge of the ear flaps. Your pet may be rubbing at the itchy areas and in some cases suffer hair loss.

You can reduce the risk of contact during the season by avoiding long grassy areas and walking dogs early in the morning whilst the larvae are less active.

Remember to keep your flea and tick treatment ongoing throughout the autumn and winter months.

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