All For Paws Little Buddy Puppyfier 13cm - Pink


A cute toy specifically designed for puppies that are teething. Chewing helps clean teeth and control plaque & tarter build-up and the ridges and nodules massage and soothe gums. Made from soft rubber which is easy to keep clean the puppyfier includes a squeak to maintain interest.

Made with high-quality rubber materials in a vibrant green colour, the All for Paws Little Buddy Puppyfier is specially developed for puppies, meeting all of their chewing needs. It contains a hidden squeaker maintaining your dog’s interest in the toy, and is sure to become a favourite from your puppy’s toy box.

  • Squeaky, chewy and cute
  • Pacifier shaped
  • Made with high quality rubber materials
  • Specially shaped to help promote dental health and massage gums
  • Meets your pup’s chewing needs

Approximate measurements: 13cm x 7cm.

Also available in pink and green

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