Lord Lou Luxury Dog Bed - Edoardo Faux Brown Leather Bed


Lord Lou Dog Beds are stunning designer beds from the Netherlands. Beautifully handcrafted and will add a stylish addition to your home, it looks so luxurious that you want to snuggle up too! 

Let your dog lounge in style on this beautiful dog sofa. Edoardo is a classic sewing faux leather dog bed and is inspired by the memorable “Bentley-stitch”.

Comfortable and timeless at the same time, this amazing furniture piece evokes a feeling of contemporary “royal casual”. Upholstered with furniture grade construction and very easy to maintain.

S. 60x40x27 (cm) 24x16x11 (inch)
M. 80x60x27 (cm) 32x24x11 (inch)
L. 96x70x31 (cm) 38x28x12 (inch)

Care: rinse with a non-soapy wet sponge and soak up stains directly with a dry clean cloth

  • Frame: Wooden base construction
    Upholstery: Faux brown leather with a Bentley stitch
    Filling: foam
    Color: Brown

5-7 days for delivery.

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Breed Average weight (kg) Bed Size

  • Chihuahua 3 Small
  • Yorkshire terrier 3 Small
  • Maltese 4 Small
  • Chi Tzu 4 Small
  • Dachshund 5 Small
  • Jack Russel 8 Small
  • West highland Terrier 8 Medium
  • Cocker Spaniel 14 Medium
  • Schnauzer 18 Medium
  • Boxer 30 Large
  • Labrador 32 Large
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback 36 Large
  • German Shepherd 38 Large
  • Rottweiler 50 Large
  • Bernese Mountain Dog 50 Large
  • Great Dane 60 Extra Large
  • New Foundland 65 Extra Large


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