Bronte Glen Tweed Wool Dog Bed - Grey

Bronte Glens Tweed wool cosy dog beds have been specially developed for pampered pets & stylish homes, made from upholstery grade material using a 100% wool tweed fabric.  These beds are so good your pet will not want to get up in a morning.   The beds are made with a zip & velcro off cover's that can be completely removed for cleaning (as used on our other cosy type beds), inside each bed is a cushion insert(s) that are filled with the best quality ball fibre polyester available.  Can be washed in your domestic washing machine.
  • SMALL = 56x56cm
  • MEDIUM = 72x72cm
  • LARGE = 86x86cm
  • GIANT = 100x100cm
Bespoke sizes and shapes can be made to order.
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